CAM Craft has four large CNC routers with excellent Italian spindles for neat cutting. The four machines allow us to get our production up and thus cut huge film job, or large component, orders in a very quick manner. It also allows us to cut four different tiny jobs in excellent lead time.

We have two machines with a bed size of 1830x2750mm and two at 1830x3660mm. All machines have a sacrificial table top that allows cutting right through the material. We also have a vacuum table system that allows us to hold big board’s flat during machining.

There is always a possibility we may expand our machine collection into laser or five axis machines, etc.


CAM Craft predominately cuts MDF (SupaWood), Valchromat, Pine shutter ply, Birch ply, Marine & Waterproof ply, solid timber, laminated wood and OSB. We also cut some plastics, foams, Corian, magnaboard, laminated cork and printed ply. Unfortunately, we stay away from metals.

The standard sheet sizes are as follows:
MDF and chip board is 2740 x 1830mm.
Extra length of MDF sheet is 1830x3660
Valchromat 1850 x 2500mm
Common ply wood is 1220 x 2440mm
Birch ply 1525x2440mm

We stock a limited amount of full and cross cut boards of MDF in all thicknesses. Cross cut MDF boards are 1370 x 1830mm (half sheets). MDF comes in various thicknesses of 3, 6, 9, 12, 16, 18, 22 & 30 or 32mm. We also stock a limited number of Birch and pine ply for better turnaround times. CAM Craft will be able to make recommendations on where to best source your materials.

Drawings & Rates

CAM Craft uses a computer based CAD system to create the cutting files for the CNC routers. Ideally, we would like to receive drawings in a .dxf or a .dwg format to save on setup time. We can also read vectorised AI, EPS and PDF formats and are able to convert them to a DXF.

A well dimensioned sketch is also usable. If the design is non-specific on all dimensions, e.g. a rabbit figure, then a .jpeg of the sketch will work too. We will scan the image into CAD and trace over it. There may be a setup charge depending on complexity of art work.

No matter what type of CAD or graphic, we generally only need a plan view drawing. All art work in any form should have at least one dimension so we can check and create the right scale factor. If you need slots and recesses please make it clear with notes or side profiles of your requirements.

Cutting rates (how we charge) are based on cutting time. Time is influenced by length of line (distance of cut), thickness of material (how many passes required), type of material (hard materials cut slower and soft materials cut faster) and whether there is complicated machine setup. We can only quote once we have all this information.