Arts and Crafts

CAM Craft can cut cork pin boards, 3D animal head sculptures, decorative gifts, African arts and crafts, cake bases, food moulds, Christmas Décor and 3D trees.

Decor Art

Mostly home decorations such as sculptures, creative profiles, bases for art work, out-the-box shelving, divider screens, wedding and event décor, lettering, props for parties, light components, arches, facia boards, coat and wall hangers, wall art


Framing is often requested, as we can cut weird or unique shapes and sizes. The frames we cut are mainly for pictures, photos, canvases and sculptures. We generally cut round and oval frames but we can cut all sorts of frames i.e. squares, rectangles, gables, arches, unique, screened or in organic shapes like a cloud. We can also cut double rebated frames where you want the glass offset from the art work, backboards for mirrors and templates for cutting of glass.


Cam Craft is happy to only cut certain components of an entire assembly. We have cut form work for civil engineers and architects i.e. structure/templates for arches, gables, concrete pouring moulds and templates for onsite installations. We have also cut parts for furniture manufactures i.e. table tops, legs, flat pack products, elements for built in Kitchens, interior design firms, engineers that need construction jigs, skate board ramps, props for advertisements, etc.

Set Construction

We do a lot of film set construction by cutting formers for buildings, caves, planes, vehicles, landscapes etc. We also service stage builders who create décor and props for music festivals and theatre sets.

Shop Fitting

The customers that generally use our CNC routering services are companies that require complex carpentry shapes; profiles cut repeatedly and accurately. We CNC router for well-known food franchises and restaurants, as well as for many popular retailers. It may be seasonal décor or complex arches. We also cut components for exhibition and display stands, point of sale displays, pop up events, etc.

Boat Building

An industry we enjoy cutting for is the boat building sector. We have cut the bulkheads, decks and hulls for various designers e.g. Dudley Dix, Angelo Lavranos. We service the companies that sell boat kits, the home builder and professional builders. The various types of vessel are canoes, kayaks, dingies, yachts, leisure boats, catamarans, etc.


We cut signage for the commercial industry as well for the informal sector. Examples: Business and shop signage (internal and external), pop up stands, food trucks, exhibitions, weddings, events, home and boat owners.