We assist our clients with a range of services including arts and crafts, decor art, framing, components, set construction and more


Screen designs have many purposes such as room dividers, partitioning, cladding for walls, doors, ceilings and counters. Read more here.


CNC Texture is a highly sought after and popular 3D surface design. It can be used as a wall texture for window displays, exhibition stands, offices and more


We provide products to clients across many industries. From the film industruy to retail, we love assisting our clients and aren’t afraid to work overtime.

Workshop and drawings

We have a workshop with four large CNC routers. It allows us to get our production up and get your orders out in quick time


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Cam Craft offers a computerised wood cutting service, with the use of CNC Routers. A CNC router is a motorised machine that uses a spindle to cut profiles. The drawings we use are coded and fed into the CNC Router. What we do is very similar to what most people think of as laser cutting; the difference is that we use spindles and not lasers, water jet, or plasma cutters to cut.

Cam Craft caters for a huge variety of industries and over the years we have accumulated a diverse customer base such as architects, naval architects, artists, framers, interior designers, industrial designers, film companies, set builders, joiners, shop fitters and big franchises etc.

Whether you need a small, once off, order or a high volume order processed, Cam Craft is more than happy to assist you.

Services – who we CNC Router for

Arts and Crafts

pin boards, sculptures, gifts

Set Construction

film, music, theatre

Decor Art

wall decor, event decor, props

Shop Fitting

retail, restaurants, exhibitions


round, rebated, solid

Boat Building

yachts, catamarans, canoes


architecture, engineering, furniture


lettering, engraving, 3D