We specialise in décor, furniture, components and high volume, yachts and boats. Cam Craft often cuts décor in mass production for well know clothing franchises and restaurant groups. They consist mainly of window displays that change seasonally. Another favourite is solid picture and mirror frames in all shapes.

Flat pack furniture in South Africa is a relatively new concept. Now with CNC routing, the possibilities of precisely fitting, intricate designs becomes a reality. Modern concept furniture is highly suited to CNC cutting technology. Mila is a contemporary design company that uses CAM Craft’s latest techniques in CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture).

CAM Craft has the ability to do once-off cuts as well as long production runs of any specific component. CAM Craft will programme your design for optimal use of the material. Need more components? We can use the same program multiples times, whenever you need it. Nothing changes a profile unless it’s modified in CAD.

CNC routing is the only way to go with ply wood boats, yachts and canoes. We have been cutting Dudley Dix’s Yacht Designs since 2001. The biggest advantage with using CNC is that we can cut the hull, deck and bulkheads in a fraction of the time of normal man hours thus tremendously cutting down on labour. There are no mistakes when lofting the designs, we optimise very expensive ply up to 40% more than if you did it yourself and your vessel is still symmetrical after the cutting.