Welcome to Cam Craft CNC Routing

Cam Craft offers a computerised wood cutting service, by the use of CNC Routers. A CNC router is a motorized machine that uses a normal router or spindle to cut profiles. The machine is controlled only by a computer. We feed in CAD drawings and code to give the machine direction.

We are very similar to what most people think is laser cutting. The difference is we use spindles and not lasers, water jet, or plasma cutters to cut.

We cater for all types of industry that is in need of once off profiles or even high volume orders.

Cam craft has dealt with: architects, naval architects, artists, framers, interior designers, industrial designers, film companies, Set builders, joiners, shop fitters and big franchises over the years.

We cut decor, screens, doors, textures head boards, furniture pieces, sets and props for films and adverts, shelving and counters for shop-fitters and exhibition stands, boats, window Decor